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      Al-Madinah School Council

      Al-Madinah School is proud to announce our new School Council and for 2016-2017.

      Cairo – Hooria Ramzan, Timbuktu – Hafsah Ilyas, Delhi – Erbadh Shahid, Lahore – Muhammad Areeb, Khartoum – Ali Zangena/Alina Akhtar, Bukhara – Aisha Salmon, Cordoba – Hawwah Shefa, Konya – Mohammed Aneeq, Jilan – Tahera Asif, Tarim – Rumaisa Shahid.

      Our School Council has been elected to represent the views of all pupils and to give every child a voice.

      The School Council will meet every two weeks to discuss the ideas put forward to them by their class and come up with exciting ideas and fundraise where necessary to make changes or improvements to their facilities.

      Responsibilities of our School Council

      -Prime Ministers                            

      -Deputy Prime Minister

      -Behaviour Ministers

      -Healthy Living Minister

      -Health and safety Minister

      -Sports Minister

      After our official first meeting it was agreed that the first job should be to look at ways to promote Islamic, British and School values.

      They are gathering ideas from children in their class to find out which values are the most important to them.  During our next council meeting the children will be looking at ideas from the whole school and creating a set of values to be put on display encouraging a good ethos of values around the school. Please continue to watch this space and find out what our School Council is doing.


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